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Dolce Riva is a private "Houseboat" stationary on the Seine, a few minutes from Giverny, welcoming guests in search of wellness, cocooning & lifestyle stays.

The world of Dolce Riva is dedicated to the art of living on the Seine and to travel!

The incredible and surprising view that the houseboat reveals on the nature and the Seine is unique, it is offered to you for a rare and privileged moment of escape.

To come and stay on board Dolce Riva is to integrate another dimension at the same time human, unusual and privileged. It is also an invitation to pose and observe the natural environment. Nature is generous and beautiful when you take the time to observe it.


Staying aboard Dolce Riva means returning to essential experiences in life.Learning to disconnect from everyday urban stress, reconnecting with values such as sharing, recognizing others, observing the environment around us, taking time in an ultra-connected world.Rediscover essential values.


Dolce Riva addresses companies to organize their management seminar, brainstorming, a confidential meeting in small committee "as at home" for one or several days with or without accommodation.

Normandy linen slippers offered at a seminar

Lifestyle workshops possible on board:

cooking class,

voice coaching,
zen gym,

painting workshop on board of a boat workshop from the houseboat

Workshops related to the senses: possibility of creation and personalization according to the event requested

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